Ravenous wild elephant rolls over metal cage with bins inside in search for food

This is the terrifying moment a ravenous wild elephant rolls over a metal cage as it searches for food.

The jumbo wandered out of the forest in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand, this morning (July 10) when it sniffed out the bags of food.

They were stuffed inside plastic wheelie bins which were locked inside a steel cage. But that didn't stop the elephant trying to get at them.

He was filmed rolling over the large metal structure across the road to try to reach the waste food inside.

After several minutes, the elephant eventually gave up and trudged away empty-trunked.

One tourist who witnessed the incident is heard saying ''good boy'' as he turns away and heads back to the jungle.

Wildlife tour guide Tina Roongarnsaid: ''I was walking with a group early this morning when we saw the elephant. He had already knocked over the bins.

''I don't think he was starving as there is plenty of natural food for them in the jungle.

''But when the elephants see the plastic bags and they smell the food, they try to reach it.''