Thousands of bees swarm toll gate after escaping from transport truck in China

Thousands of bees swarmed a toll gate in eastern China's Changxing county after escaping from a transport truck on August 11.

The video shows around 30,000 bees buzzing around a toll gate on a highway and swarming various nearby objects.

A firefighter in protective equipment used a brush to sweep the bees swarming on a foam box.

In another video, firemen used a water pipe to wash the bees down from the roof of the toll gate.

According to reports, the bees transported on a truck flew out from a gap in the trunk because of the high temperatures or the smell of petrol as the vehicle drove past a gas station.

After 90 minutes, all the escaped bees were caught or cleared out. Three toll gate staff and two firemen were stung by the bees and sent to hospital for treatment.