Whales Come Close to Boaters Singing and Playing Guitar

Occurred on July 24, 2020 / Trinity Bight, Newfoundland, Canada

Info from Licensor: Wanda and Bev were doing a day leisure trip on the ocean we had packed a picnic took a guitar and went off to look for some whales to watch. We were out for a few hours in different and never really saw a whale that was close so eventually, we stopped, had lunch, and a conversation of how lucky we were to be able to come out here and enjoy and that we should be very thankful. We were in this area for about 45 minutes and we only saw whales in the distance until Bev picked up her guitar, played, and started to sing. Then it was like something amazing happened as the whales came up so graceful and gentle and hung out up close and personal while she played and sang. It was a super amazing experience.