Furious driver calls police after catching neighbour's husky climbing on her car

A furious driver called police after catching her neighbour's pet dog climbing all over her car.

Romwiya Kahothong filmed the young Bang Kaew standing on top of her white Mitsubishi and ripping off a protective sheet in Bangkok, Thailand on June 29.

She took pictures which show how the bonnet and bumpers covered in scratch and bite marks from the mutt.

Romwiya said she confronted her neighbour over their pet's unruly behavior but they refused to stop the pooch.

The car owner said: ''I was so angry that they allowed their dog to climb on my car. I thought they would apologise but they just didn't care. They said 'go and complain to the dog'.''

Romwiya said she had covered her car with the protective polythene sheet because of previous instances of the dog scratching and urinating on the vehicle.

She contacted police after the dog owner allegedly refused to co-operate with her demands for damages.

Romwiya said: ''I tried to negotiate and be very reasonable but now I have no option. I have reported this to the police and I want to take the dog owner to court.

''It's not the dog's fault but the owners should keep control of their pets.''

The dog owner could face a fine of up to 10,000 baht (around 25GBP) as well as jail up to one month.