Happy Gender Reveal

Occurred on November 27, 2022 / Bergamo, Italy

Info from Licensor: "We organized this party to reveal the gender of our future child, we parents didn't know it yet. We had our midwife write the gender of the child on a note it was delivered to the lady who made the white box where she would place pink balloons inside if it was a girl or blue if it was a boy. On November 27, 2022 we invited friends and relatives to the hall (in the province of BG) where we would discover sex together with them. It was a surprise for everyone because nobody knew anything, especially the future father (who really wanted a boy) was stunned to discover that he would have a daughter because he was convinced it would be a boy. On the other hand, I (the future mother) wanted a girl so much, and from the video you can understand my enthusiasm. Today the father is happy at the idea of ​​having a daughter in the hope that the next will be a boy. The baby will be called Ludovica and will be born at the end of April. The little girl's father and I are very young, I'm 19 years old (almost 20) and he's 20 (in July he will be 21)."